Bride shares her 4 favorite moments of her winter wedding.

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Summer is in high gear so I thought it would be nice to cool down with this winter wedding.  We broke tradition and did a first look a week before the wedding.  I thought this worked out nice giving us a beautiful mountain setting for this moment.  

First Look Blake and Shauna-4634First Look Blake and Shauna-4634 I asked Shauna (bride) what her favorite 4 wedding moments were.  She included 2 of mine, The first look and the in-between time.  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for love.  Here are her answers:

 1. The First Look: This was definitely one of my top favorite moments. We found a spot up Little Cottonwood Canyon that was covered with snow and had an incredible mountain range in the background. My photographer, Brian, helped me climb atop a snow-covered rock in my wedding dress (not an easy process) and then guided my patient fiance onto the same rock—blindfolded. We finally allowed him to take the blindfold off and his reaction was perfect. I've seen that look before and so I knew it was genuine. I asked him once what that look meant and he said, "It means that I know I definitely made the right decision in choosing you." ​

First Look Blake and Shauna-4040First Look Blake and Shauna-4040 First Look Blake and Shauna-4043First Look Blake and Shauna-4043 First Look Blake and Shauna-4061First Look Blake and Shauna-4061

First Look Blake and Shauna-4077First Look Blake and Shauna-4077 First Look Blake and Shauna-4085First Look Blake and Shauna-4085 First Look Blake and Shauna-4115First Look Blake and Shauna-4115

Blake and Shauna wedding day-1214Blake and Shauna wedding day-1214

2. The Groomsmen’s Stories: I never thought I would laugh so hard on my wedding day. My fiance had 4 of his closest friends as groomsmen. They knew Blake very well and did not hold back. Every single groomsmen opened the speech with their utter shock that Blake had actually found a woman! Those comments were then followed by some of the funniest stories I've ever heard about Blake trying to date girls in high school. Priceless

Blake and Shauna wedding day-1905Blake and Shauna wedding day-1905

3. The In-Between Time: One of the sweetest moments of my wedding was dancing with Blake after the luncheon and before the reception when there weren't many people in the venue. He just pulled me aside and started dancing with me. It was the one time when we were actually alone and could just focus on each other. The best part is our photographer saw the moment and captured it for us forever. 

Blake and Shauna wedding day-1629Blake and Shauna wedding day-1629 Blake and Shauna wedding day-3476Blake and Shauna wedding day-3476 Blake and Shauna wedding day-3459Blake and Shauna wedding day-3459
Blake and Shauna wedding day-3702Blake and Shauna wedding day-3702

4. The Send-Off: This was the moment of my wedding that glowed. All the guests had lined up outside the front door of our venue and we were whisked outside and down the line of fizzling sparklers. Everyone had huge smiles on their faces and were holding the sparklers so close to our heads, I thought my hair was going to catch on fire! This again, was one of my favorite moments and favorite pictures we have from the wedding. It was the end of a very full and wonderful day. 

Venue- Northampton House 

Blake and Shauna wedding day-1764Blake and Shauna wedding day-1764

Cake- April Blakely from Cake Appeal 

Blake and Shauna wedding day-2017Blake and Shauna wedding day-2017 Blake and Shauna wedding day-2048Blake and Shauna wedding day-2048

Blake and Shauna wedding day-2273Blake and Shauna wedding day-2273 Details- Hoopes Events

Blake and Shauna wedding day-2257Blake and Shauna wedding day-2257 Blake and Shauna wedding day-2232Blake and Shauna wedding day-2232

Blake and Shauna wedding day-2010Blake and Shauna wedding day-2010 Hair and Makeup- KL Artistry

Blake and Shauna wedding day-1457Blake and Shauna wedding day-1457 Dress- Bridal Center in Lehi

Blake and Shauna wedding day-1858Blake and Shauna wedding day-1858 Catering- Christopher's Steakhouse

Blake and Shauna wedding day-2399Blake and Shauna wedding day-2399 Video- Alyssa Taylor

Blake and Shauna wedding day-2437Blake and Shauna wedding day-2437

Photography- Brian Smyer



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