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Cat Palmer's 40th Surprise Birthday Shoot_DSC0289Cat Palmer's 40th Surprise Birthday Shoot_DSC0388Cat Palmer's 40th Surprise Birthday Shoot_DSC05581-10-2020_DSC1038Derek and Lyndee _DSC3106-EditS Power 1-23-2020_DSC4935Cat Laps at Pow Mow_DSC5728Cat Laps at Pow Mow_DSC5787HPWT Tasting at Red Butte Garden_DSC5974_DSC63772-10-2020_DSC86073rd Annual Stars and Strips Bang_DSC69163rd Annual Stars and Strips Bang_DSC70283rd Annual Stars and Strips Bang_DSC7247CM-Common Ground Beaver Ski Retreat 2020_DSC9985CM-Common Ground Beaver Ski Retreat 2020_DSC1186CM-Common Ground Beaver Ski Retreat 2020_DSC1391Benjamin and Courtney_DSC8282Benjamin and Courtney_DSC9872Aspen Perkins 2020l_DSC2023