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Wedding Inspiration at the Grand America Hotel. Utah-wedding-venue

October 14, 2013  •  1 Comment

   Everything just seems to run smooth when you are in the Grand America.  Their highly skilled staff make it look easy.   I’ve been dying to show you these gorgeous bridal pictures we did inside!  We started in the Murano room where everything was set up and ready to entertain a wedding party....   


Grand America Bridals-3333 copyGrand America Bridals-3333 copy
Grand America Bridals-1097 copyGrand America Bridals-1097 copy
Grand America Bridals-1680 copyThe Murano room features this very colorful hand blown Murano chandelier.
Grand America Bridals-1685 copyGrand America Bridals-1685 copy
Grand America Bridals-0831 copyGrand America Bridals-0831 copy Grand America Bridals-3419 copyGrand America Bridals-3419 copy
Grand America Bridals-1408 copyGrand America Bridals-1408 copy
Grand America Bridals-1428-2 copyGrand America Bridals-1428-2 copy
Grand America Bridals-3394 copyThis custom cake was designed for the Murano room by world class pastry chef Jeffrey de Leon.
Grand America Bridals-2203 copyGrand America Bridals-2203 copy
Grand America Bridals-1539 copyGrand America Bridals-1539 copy
Grand America Bridals-3390 copyGrand America Bridals-3390 copy
Grand America Bridals-3445 copyGrand America Bridals-3445 copy
Grand America Bridals-1530 copyGrand America Bridals-1530 copy
Grand America Bridals-3325 copyGrand America Bridals-3325 copy Grand America Bridals-3227 copyGrand America Bridals-3227 copy
Grand America Bridals-1683 copySteinway and Sons
Grand America Bridals-3359Grand America Bridals-3359
Grand America Bridals-2374 copyGrand America Bridals-2374 copy
Grand America Bridals-2300 copyGrand America Bridals-2300 copy
Grand America Bridals-3373 copyGrand America Bridals-3373 copy
Grand America Bridals-3336 copyGrand America Bridals-3336 copy
Grand America Bridals-3353 copyGrand America Bridals-3353 copy
Grand America Bridals-3363 copyGrand America Bridals-3363 copy
Grand America Bridals-3364 copyGrand America Bridals-3364 copy Grand America Bridals-1557 copyGrand America Bridals-1557 copy
Grand America Bridals-3433 copyGrand America Bridals-3433 copy
Grand America Bridals-1567 copyGrand America Bridals-1567 copy
Grand America Bridals-1853 copyGrand America Bridals-1853 copy
Grand America Bridals-0854 copyGrand America Bridals-0854 copy

After the Murano room we stopped at a few gorgeous spots and snapped a few shots. I love these chandelier shots!
Grand America Bridals-3153 copyGrand America Bridals-3153 copy
Grand America Bridals-2798 copyGrand America Bridals-2798 copy
Grand America Bridals-3319 copyBride Headpiece by Because it Sparkles
Grand America Bridals-3307 copyGrand America Bridals-3307 copy
Grand America Bridals-1783 copyGrand America Bridals-1783 copy
Grand America Bridals-1790 copyGrand America Bridals-1790 copy
Grand America Bridals-0886 copyGrand America Bridals-0886 copy
Grand America Bridals-1923 copyGrand America Bridals-1923 copy
Grand America Bridals-1292 copyGrand America Bridals-1292 copy
Grand America Bridals-2410 copyGrand America Bridals-2410 copy
Grand America Bridals-1144 copyGrand America Bridals-1144 copy
Grand America Bridals-2428 copyGrand America Bridals-2428 copy
Grand America Bridals-2935 copyGrand America Bridals-2935 copy
Grand America Bridals-2981 copyGrand America Bridals-2981 copy
Grand America Bridals-2730-2 copyGrand America Bridals-2730-2 copy
Grand America Bridals-2756 copyGrand America Bridals-2756 copy
Grand America Bridals-2737 copyGrand America Bridals-2737 copy
Grand America Bridals-1313 copyGrand America Bridals-1313 copy
Grand America Bridals-1356 copyGrand America Bridals-1356 copy
Grand America Bridals-2066 copyGrand America Bridals-2066 copy
Grand America Bridals-2021 copyGrand America Bridals-2021 copy
Grand America Bridals-2603 copyGrand America Bridals-2603 copy
Grand America Bridals-2687 copyGrand America Bridals-2687 copy
Grand America Bridals-2126Grand America Bridals-2126
Grand America Bridals-2548Grand America Bridals-2548
Grand America Bridals-2575Grand America Bridals-2575
Grand America Bridals-2596Grand America Bridals-2596
Grand America Bridals-2819Grand America Bridals-2819
Grand America Bridals-2828 copyGrand America Bridals-2828 copy
Grand America Bridals-2877Grand America Bridals-2877
Grand America Bridals-1368Grand America Bridals-1368
Grand America Bridals-3050 copyGrand America Bridals-3050 copy
Grand America Bridals-3008 copyGrand America Bridals-3008 copy
Grand America Bridals-1955 copyGrand America Bridals-1955 copy
Grand America Bridals-2009 copyGrand America Bridals-2009 copy


I was very spoiled to work with such talented professionals.  Thank you! 

Venue:  Grand America

Makeup/Hair:  Heather Shelton   

Model: Jylian Scheid

Cake: Pastry Chef, Jeffrey de Leon 

Floral:  Grand America's in house florist, Laury  Hickman

Linens: Specialty Linens & Chair Covers

Bride Headpiece:  Because It Sparkles






So very "Grace Kelly". Beautiful blast to the past. Love the black and white bride with chandilier pictures.
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