Mike and Cristie's Real Wedding (part 2) The After Party

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I have to admit the Lucky Money Envelopes just might be my favorite part of the night.  These envelopes were placed at every table.  The bride and groom worked their way to every table where guests traded the lucky money envelopes for a dare for the newlyweds.  I'm pretty sure Mike and Cristie completed every challenge.  What a great way to get everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.  I thought this was a great way to greet each guest without making anyone wait in line.

Wilson Wedding-3340Wilson Wedding-3340
Wilson Wedding-3387Wilson Wedding-3387
Wilson Wedding-3348Wilson Wedding-3348
Wilson Wedding-0107Wilson Wedding-0107
Wilson Wedding-0113Wilson Wedding-0113
Wilson Wedding-3364Wilson Wedding-3364
Wilson Wedding-3378Wilson Wedding-3378
Wilson Wedding-3380Wilson Wedding-3380
Wilson Wedding-3392Wilson Wedding-3392
Wilson Wedding-3399Wilson Wedding-3399
Wilson Wedding-3412Wilson Wedding-3412
Wilson Wedding-3433Wilson Wedding-3433
Wilson Wedding-3448Wilson Wedding-3448
Wilson Wedding-3451Wilson Wedding-3451
Wilson Wedding-3459Wilson Wedding-3459
Wilson Wedding-3265Wilson Wedding-3265
Wilson Wedding-3275Wilson Wedding-3275
Wilson Wedding-3277Wilson Wedding-3277
Wilson Wedding-3285Wilson Wedding-3285
Wilson Wedding-3617Wilson Wedding-3617


I love daddy daughter dances.
Wilson Wedding-0221Wilson Wedding-0221
Wilson Wedding-0216Wilson Wedding-0216
Wilson Wedding-0230Wilson Wedding-0230
Wilson Wedding-0233Wilson Wedding-0233
Wilson Wedding-0249Wilson Wedding-0249
Wilson Wedding-0272Wilson Wedding-0272
Wilson Wedding-3518Wilson Wedding-3518
Wilson Wedding-3520Wilson Wedding-3520
Wilson Wedding-3522Wilson Wedding-3522
Wilson Wedding-3692Wilson Wedding-3692
Wilson Wedding-3871Wilson Wedding-3871
Wilson Wedding-3725Wilson Wedding-3725
Wilson Wedding-3913Wilson Wedding-3913
Wilson Wedding-3916Wilson Wedding-3916
Wilson Wedding-3993Garter Toss-3993
Wilson Wedding-4001Wilson Wedding-4001
Wilson Wedding-4009Wilson Wedding-4009
Wilson Wedding-4120Bouquet Toss -4120
Wilson Wedding-4121Wilson Wedding-4121
Wilson Wedding-4135Wilson Wedding-4135
Wilson Wedding-4141Wilson Wedding-4141
Wilson Wedding-0315Wilson Wedding-0315
Wilson Wedding-0137Johnny AwdamaddixNever a dull moment with Johnny Awdamaddix as your dj
Wilson Wedding-4031Wilson Wedding-4031
Wilson Wedding-4081Wilson Wedding-4081
Wilson Wedding-4086Wilson Wedding-4086


Wilson Wedding-4099Wilson Wedding-4099
Wilson Wedding-4137Wilson Wedding-4137

Wedding Details:

  • Number of guests   175-200
  • Wedding budget     Under $10k
  • Menu favorite         All of it!  Food from out favorite restaurants and our favorite alcoholic drinks.
  • Honeymoon           Cruise to the Bahamas.
  • Groom's fashion     The Men's Warehouse
  • Wedding dress       David's Bridal
  • Flowers                 Costco
  • Venue                   Noah's
  • DJ                        AwDaMaDDix
  • Officiant                Rev. Dennis Leavitt
  • Catering                Bombay House, My Tien, Olive Garden, Sushi prepared by brother of the bride
  • Photo Booth          All Events Photobooths



Is there anyone else you would like to thank?  

Our awesome photographer, Brian Smyer, our parents and everyone who helped put this wedding together. 

Love you all,

  ~Mrs. Wilson


If you missed part 1 you can see it here:  http://www.smyerimage.com/blog/2013/11/real-wedding-at-noahs



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