Mike and Cristie's Real Wedding at Noah's (Part 1)

November 04, 2013  •  1 Comment

It makes me smile to see these two so happy together.  This is a collection of some of my favorite pictures from Mike and Cristie's wedding day at Noah's.  I can still feel the energy. 

Noah's 322 w. 11000s., South Jordan Ut.  Wedding photography.Noah's for all life's events. 322 w. 11000s., South Jordan Utwww.mynoahs.com 322w. 11000s. South Jordan Ut
Noah's 322 w. 11000 s., South Jordan, Ut.  Wedding photographerView of mountains from Noah'sNoah's 322 w. 11000 s., South Jordan, Ut
Everyone loved this groom's room. What a great spot for the pregame.
Noah's 322 w. 11000 s., South Jordan, Ut.  Groom's roomGroom getting ready pictures at Noah's in the groom's room.
Wilson Wedding-2473Wilson Wedding-2473
Wilson Wedding-2500Wilson Wedding-2500
Wilson Wedding-2509Wilson Wedding-2509
Wilson Wedding-2523Wilson Wedding-2523
Wilson Wedding-2526Wilson Wedding-2526
Wilson Wedding-9204-2Wilson Wedding-9204-2
Wilson Wedding-9216Wilson Wedding-9216
Wilson Wedding-2580Wilson Wedding-2580
Wilson Wedding-9275Wilson Wedding-9275
Wilson Wedding-9281Wilson Wedding-9281
Wilson Wedding-9229The wedding party did a good job making sure everything was perfect.I like the adjustable height ceiling.
Wilson Wedding-9268Wilson Wedding-9268


Wilson Wedding-2646Wilson Wedding-2646
Wilson Wedding-9285Wilson Wedding-9285
Wilson Wedding-2653Wilson Wedding-2653
Wilson Wedding-9291Wilson Wedding-9291
Wilson Wedding-2659Wilson Wedding-2659
Wilson Wedding-2616Wilson Wedding-2616
Wilson Wedding-9266Wilson Wedding-9266
Wilson Wedding-2665Wilson Wedding-2665
Wilson Wedding-2690Wilson Wedding-2690
Wilson Wedding-9342Wilson Wedding-9342
Wilson Wedding-2700Wilson Wedding-2700
Wilson Wedding-9346Wilson Wedding-9346
Wilson Wedding-9351Wilson Wedding-9351
Wilson Wedding-9354Wilson Wedding-9354
Wilson Wedding-9360Wilson Wedding-9360
Wilson Wedding-9368Wilson Wedding-9368
Wilson Wedding-9414Wilson Wedding-9414
Wilson Wedding-9425Wilson Wedding-9425
Wilson Wedding-9440Wilson Wedding-9440
Wilson Wedding-9465Wilson Wedding-9465
Wilson Wedding-2754Wilson Wedding-2754
Wilson Wedding-2755Wilson Wedding-2755
Wilson Wedding-9492Wilson Wedding-9492
Wilson Wedding-9495Wilson Wedding-9495
Wilson Wedding-9496Wilson Wedding-9496
Wilson Wedding-9498Wilson Wedding-9498
Wilson Wedding-9499Wilson Wedding-9499
Wilson Wedding-9506Wilson Wedding-9506
Wilson Wedding-2807Wilson Wedding-2807
Wilson Wedding-2812Wilson Wedding-2812
Wilson Wedding-9522Wilson Wedding-9522
Ceremony panoCeremony pano
Wilson Wedding-2825Wilson Wedding-2825
Wilson Wedding-2832Wilson Wedding-2832
Wilson Wedding-9553-2Wilson Wedding-9553-2
Wilson Wedding-9559Wilson Wedding-9559
Wilson Wedding-9577Wilson Wedding-9577
Wilson Wedding-2862Wilson Wedding-2862
Wilson Wedding-9590Wilson Wedding-9590
Wilson Wedding-2880Wilson Wedding-2880
Wilson Wedding-9595Wilson Wedding-9595
Wilson Wedding-9597Wilson Wedding-9597
Wilson Wedding-9599Wilson Wedding-9599
Wilson Wedding-2890Wilson Wedding-2890
Wilson Wedding-2917Wilson Wedding-2917
Designer cake by Turia Larsen, Sugar Kisses Cakes
Designer cake by Turia Larsen, Sugar Kisses Cakes
Wilson Wedding-9606Wilson Wedding-9606
Wilson Wedding-2943Wilson Wedding-2943
Wilson Wedding-2990Wilson Wedding-2990
Wilson Wedding-3000Wilson Wedding-3000
Wilson Wedding-9616Wilson Wedding-9616
Wilson Wedding-3057Wilson Wedding-3057
Wilson Wedding-3138Wilson Wedding-3138
Wilson Wedding-3090Wilson Wedding-3090
Wilson Wedding-3159Wilson Wedding-3159
Wilson Wedding-3181Wilson Wedding-3181
Wilson Wedding-3178Wilson Wedding-3178
Wilson Wedding-9637Wilson Wedding-9637
Wilson Wedding-9643Wilson Wedding-9643
Wilson Wedding-9673Wilson Wedding-9673
Wilson Wedding-3195Wilson Wedding-3195
Wilson Wedding-9697Wilson Wedding-9697
Wilson Wedding-9698Wilson Wedding-9698
Wilson Wedding-9730Wilson Wedding-9730
Wilson Wedding-9732Wilson Wedding-9732
Wilson Wedding-3202Wilson Wedding-3202
Wilson Wedding-9782Wilson Wedding-9782
Wilson Wedding-9822Wilson Wedding-9822
Wilson Wedding-9829Wilson Wedding-9829
Wilson Wedding-9844Wilson Wedding-9844
Wilson Wedding-3220Wilson Wedding-3220
Wilson Wedding-9935Wilson Wedding-9935
Wilson Wedding-9939Wilson Wedding-9939
Wilson Wedding-9951Wilson Wedding-9951
Wilson Wedding-9954Wilson Wedding-9954
Wilson Wedding-9978Wilson Wedding-9978
Wilson Wedding-0069Wilson Wedding-0069
Wilson Wedding-0077Wilson Wedding-0077


 Questions For The Bride: 



How did you meet?

My sister's ex introduced us. He was friends with Mike and said he wanted to set me up with Mike because we would be perfect for each other...and we are! Needless to say, we lasted longer than they did :)


How did he propose?

It was a random Friday and I had just come home from work. I walked in the door and there were candles and rose petals everywhere. He was already on one knee with Train's "Marry Me" song playing and the ring box in his hand. The rest was kind of a blur. I remember him telling me how much he loved me and he wanted to take care of me for the rest of my life. I don't know how I managed to get the word out because I was almost hysterically crying (you know, the ugly cry) but I said "Yes!" We spent the rest of the day telling friends and family members.



What is your approach

to wedding planning?

We are trying to have the wedding about the things we love from the food and liquor to music and everything in between. We have found ways to buy items cheaper than it is to rent them by shopping online or reusing stuff from other people's weddings.


Describe your wedding in 3 words:


Elegant, Fun and Unforgettable!


Our favorite moment was going around collecting the lucky money envelopes.  Click below for part 2     



Mindy Myers(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures, once again I tried to pick a favorite, but there were to many. You captured the real emotion in this wedding. P.S. I need more of your business cards.
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