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I’m not going to lie.  This was an amazing day for me.  After an 11 year hiatus from skiing I was given a season pass at Park City.  I spent the entire season preparing myself to ski well enough to shoot on the slopes.  This was the last day of the season and the first time I have ever taken a camera on the slopes.   This is the first of a 3 part series featuring the union of Ben and Kemper.

I know with the blue sky it looks really warm. It wasn’t. I keep my house between 50 and 60 F so you know when I tell you it was cold… It was cold enough to completely freeze the shutter on my D700. I’ve had that body in below freezing temps for hours shooting wildlife and never had it do that. I guess the wind chill of flying down the mountain holding my camera instead of poles had something to do with it. Good thing I had another body in my backpack.
Groom Jumps over his bride on the ski slopes of Park City.Ski Jump EngagementsI cut Ben and his shadow out and moved them for maximum air.
Lift ride in suit and wedding dressLift ride in suit and wedding dress
Kissing on a ski liftKissing on a ski lift
Getting cheered on.Getting cheered on.
Ben and Kemper ski-3737 copyArea Boundary Closed
Portrait on top of the worldPortrait on top of the world
Bride and groom kiss on top of the worldBride and groom kiss on top of the world
Kicker jumpKicker jump
Bride and groom portrait in the snowBride and groom portrait in the snow
Bride and groom skiing in the treesBride and groom skiing in the trees
Groom dusts bride with snowGroom dusts bride with snow
Bride thinks it's funnyBride thinks it's funny
Skiing togetherSkiing together
Kiss before you goKiss before you go
Face to face skiingFace to face skiing

Not only did Kemper not complain about the cold, she was having just as much fun as the rest of us! At the end of the day my assistant and fellow powder hound remarked “I’m happy she said we should call it a day, there was no way I was going to quit before the girl in the dress” Any questions I had about what kind of a girl could keep up with Ben were answered on this day.
Bride in wedding dress skiingBride in wedding dress skiing
Bride and groom skiingBride and groom skiing
Bride and groom skiing in wedding dress and suitBride and groom skiing in wedding dress and suit
Stay off the rocksStay off the rocks
Bride kicks up powBride kicks up pow
Bride and groom making turns on skisBride and groom making turns on skis
Park City engagementsPark City engagements
Park City kissPark City kiss


I knew enough about Ben to know this was going to be a huge day. This guy seems to have an extra gear when it comes to adventure. Kemper bought two identical dresses for her wedding. One for the pictures and one for the ceremony. I was excited to see what kind of girl could keep up with Ben. She showed me. Talk about fearless!
Ben and Kemper ski-4004 copyBen and Kemper ski-4004 copy
Groom on k2 pow skis mid airGroom on k2 pow skis mid air
Groom in suit does iron cross with skisGroom in suit does iron cross with skis
Bluebird brideBluebird bride
Ben and Kemper ski-3973 copyBen and Kemper ski-3973 copy
Bride and groom ski togetherBride and groom ski together
Ben and Kemper ski-3983 copyBen and Kemper ski-3983 copy
Ben and Kemper ski-6422 copyBen and Kemper ski-6422 copy
Ben and Kemper ski-4031 copyBen and Kemper ski-4031 copy
Ben and Kemper ski-4044 copyBen and Kemper ski-4044 copy
Ben and Kemper ski-6308 copyBen and Kemper ski-6308 copy

Did I mention this was the last day of the season? Never a dull moment.
Ben and Kemper ski-3804 copyBen and Kemper ski-3804 copy
Ben and Kemper ski-4018 copyBen and Kemper ski-4018 copy
Ben and Kemper ski-4100 copyBen and Kemper ski-4100 copy
Ben and Kemper ski-4019 copyBen and Kemper ski-4019 copy
Ben and Kemper ski-4101 copyBen and Kemper ski-4101 copy
Ben and Kemper ski-6178 copyBen and Kemper ski-6178 copy

A special thank you to Max for assisting.  If you ever need Mazda parts he is your guy at Bountiful Mazda.  888-409-1744

Ben and Kemper ski-6339Max Bountiful Mazda

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Skiing on one skiThis is a grab from go pro footage of my ski falling off doing about 40

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