Double Black Diamonds are not Black Diamonds

December 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

You probably know by now that I'm a ski junky.  The last couple of weeks I've been training so I can do some photography on the slopes.  I changed skis to all terrain rockers to give me a little more stability with the camera.  The first week I spent getting used to my new skis.  The second week I've been getting used to skiing with a pack loaded with camera gear.  It's amazing how much a 50 lb. pack changes your center of gravity.  Tuesday I hit my first black diamond run with a loaded pack.  Talk about feeling like a rookie.  Today I told my friend and mountain guide (I haven't skied the Canyons since it was called Park West) that I didn't want to do any black diamonds as I wanted to build my confidence riding with a loaded pack.  To his credit he didn't take me to any black diamonds.  

Double Black Diamonds-0534Ninety Nine 90 ExpressHe took me up Ninety Nine 90 Express. I have no idea why it's named that. Maybe it's because the least extreme angle is 90 degrees and you will end up doing 90 mph when you ski it.
Double Black Diamonds-0540Yep Straight down.

I should have known when there were light cover caution signs when you got on the lift that I was in for it.

Double Black Diamonds-0531There were two choices
Double Black Diamonds-0550
Double Black Diamonds-0548Double Black Diamond or Double Black Diamond. Both had thin cover warnings.
Double Black Diamonds-0568Avalanche Control AreaAt this point it was hard to trust this guy when he told me this was the easiest way down. I guess at least Double Black Diamonds with thin cover don't qualify as Black Diamonds.
I have to admit that the view was worth the risk.
Bluebird PanoIt makes it hard to believe that you can't see the mountains through the soup in the valley.
Double Black Diamonds-0619
Double Black Diamonds-0623Pow Landing
Double Black Diamonds-0649Sepia Sun
This dog was having a blast skiing!
Double Black Diamonds-0676Ski Patrol Dog
Double Black Diamonds-0679Ski Patrol Dog

Planning a ski trip to Utah?  Did you know you can hire me to ski with you and take pictures of your priceless memories?  Send me an email [email protected] or call (801) 613-7514  At this point I'm good up to double blue.  Anything with a diamond on it and you may have to wait for me ha ha.  


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