Dad, Last Chance to Run...

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A Layed Out Wedding!


This DIY wedding was a party even a little rain couldn't stop.  Set in the Botanical Gardens, Ogden, Utah.  I couldn't help think I was in a SOA episode.  This bride and groom did it their way.  Who says skulls, motorcycles, lowriders and broken bottles don't belong in a wedding?  Not this guy. 


Angela was kind enough to share with us some of her wedding story.


How did you meet?: A boys weekend out at the sand dunes with my two best friends. This pretty 76 Chevy pulls up and I was hooked!
Engagements-9410bwLayed Out Wedding
Layed Out Wedding PanoLayed Out Wedding Pano
Jessica Simpson Heels on a Red Cadillac.  Toe bling- diy style.Jessica Simpson Heels on a Red Cadillac. Toe bling- diy style.
Engagements-6962Sepia Engagements
image of Jessica Simpson Heels on Harley DavidsonJessica Simpson Heels on Harley Davidson
Mr and Mrs Jones-111Skulls in the bouquet
Mr and Mrs Jones-119Severed Ties What is Severed Ties? Severed ties is a world wide custom car and truck club dedicated to building the best custom vehicles period. We are a sister and brotherhood like no other. I have met some of the best people in the world and they are in this club!
Engagements-7171By the hair of your chinny chin chin
Mr and Mrs Jones-127Screamin Eagle Ring Shot




How did he propose?: Two weeks after giving me a promise ring we were at our Sunday night pizza and beer bar, he looked at me and said "I love you and should have asked you to marry me with that ring." That's all it took!
Mr and Mrs Jones-137Wedding Dress in the Garage
Mr and Mrs Jones-212Mr and Mrs Jones-212
Mr and Mrs Jones-211Mr and Mrs Jones-211
Mr and Mrs Jones-218Mr and Mrs Jones-218
Mr and Mrs Jones-165Wedding Dress, getting ready
Mr and Mrs Jones-263Lacing up
Mr and Mrs Jones-275Bridesmaids helping
Mr and Mrs Jones-222Flower Girl
Mr and Mrs Jones-298Present for flower girl
Mr and Mrs Jones-287Bridesmaids gifts.
Mr and Mrs Jones-1160Ogden Botanical Gardens. Ogden, Utah
Mr and Mrs Jones-331Don't wreck my car
Mr and Mrs Jones-335Groom entrance
Mr and Mrs Jones-344Mr and Mrs Jones-344
Dad, Last Chance to Run...Dad Last Chance to Run...


How did you make the day your own?: I arrived in a body dropped dually, had two very talented artist sing songs I love, oh and I made ALL of my decorations.
Mr. and MrsGrand Bridal Entrance in a body dropped dually.
Ceremony PanoCeremony Pano
Mr and Mrs Jones-423Mr and Mrs Jones-423
tintedSkull Shadow

Favorite ceremony moment: When he said "I do"
Mr and Mrs Jones-491Mr and Mrs Jones-491
Mr and Mrs Jones-514Too Late Now!
Mr and Mrs Jones-761Mr and Mrs Jones-761

What is your approach to wedding planning? : Do what you want and don't let anyone try to change your mind!
Mr and Mrs Jones-14Mr and Mrs Jones-14
Mr and Mrs Jones-19Mr and Mrs Jones-19
Mr and Mrs Jones-20Mr and Mrs Jones-20
Mr and Mrs Jones-30Mr and Mrs Jones-30
Mr and Mrs Jones-36Mr and Mrs Jones-36
Mr and Mrs Jones-52Wedding Cards Box and Bubbles
Mr and Mrs Jones-53Mr and Mrs Jones-53
Mr and Mrs Jones-63Mr and Mrs Jones-63
Mr and Mrs Jones-70Mr and Mrs Jones-70
Mr and Mrs Jones-79Natural Mosquito Repellant
Mr and Mrs Jones-83Mr and Mrs Jones-83
Mr and Mrs Jones-69Mr and Mrs Jones-69
Mr and Mrs Jones-750Mr and Mrs Jones-750
Mr and Mrs Jones-768Mr and Mrs Jones-768
Mr and Mrs Jones-781Mr and Mrs Jones-781
Mr and Mrs Jones-811Mr and Mrs Jones-811
Mr and Mrs Jones-823Mr and Mrs Jones-823
Mr and Mrs Jones-844Mr and Mrs Jones-844
Mr and Mrs Jones-862Mr and Mrs Jones-862
Mr and Mrs Jones-900Mr and Mrs Jones-900

Describe your wedding in 3 words: Original, comfortable, fun-as-hell
Mr and Mrs Jones-946Reception
Mr and Mrs Jones-954Mr and Mrs Jones-954
Mr and Mrs Jones-940Mr and Mrs Jones-940
Mr and Mrs Jones-957Mr and Mrs Jones-957
Mr and Mrs Jones-968Mr and Mrs Jones-968
Mr and Mrs Jones-1002Mr and Mrs Jones-1002
Mr and Mrs Jones-950Mr and Mrs Jones-950
Mr and Mrs Jones-526Mr and Mrs Jones-526
Mr and Mrs Jones-952Mr and Mrs Jones-952
Mr and Mrs Jones-659Mr and Mrs Jones-659
Mr and Mrs Jones-729Mr and Mrs Jones-729
Mr and Mrs Jones-730Mr and Mrs Jones-730
Mr and Mrs Jones-690Mr and Mrs Jones-690
Mr and Mrs Jones-1161Mr and Mrs Jones-1161
Mr and Mrs Jones-1053Mr and Mrs Jones-1053
Mr and Mrs Jones-1060Mr and Mrs Jones-1060
Mr and Mrs Jones-1061Mr and Mrs Jones-1061
Mr and Mrs Jones-1065Mr and Mrs Jones-1065
Mr and Mrs Jones-1271Mr and Mrs Jones-1271
Mr and Mrs Jones-1070Mr and Mrs Jones-1070
Mr and Mrs Jones-1074Mr and Mrs Jones-1074
Mr and Mrs Jones-1084Mr and Mrs Jones-1084
Mr and Mrs Jones-1085Mr and Mrs Jones-1085
Mr and Mrs Jones-1094Mr and Mrs Jones-1094
Mr and Mrs Jones-1100Mr and Mrs Jones-1100
Mr and Mrs Jones-1109Mr and Mrs Jones-1109
Mr and Mrs Jones-1149Mr and Mrs Jones-1149
Mr and Mrs Jones-1156Mr and Mrs Jones-1156
Mr and Mrs Jones-1130Extra parts
Mr and Mrs Jones-1157Mr and Mrs Jones-1157
Mr and Mrs Jones-1297Mr and Mrs Jones-1297
Mr and Mrs Jones-1028Mr and Mrs Jones-1028
Mr and Mrs Jones-518Mr and Mrs Jones-518
Mr and Mrs Jones-1165Mr and Mrs Jones-1165
Mr and Mrs Jones-1189Mr and Mrs Jones-1189
Mr and Mrs Jones-1334Mr and Mrs Jones-1334
Engagements-7268Honeymoon? If so, where?: Florida- Orlando, Daytona, Cocoa beach / Bahamas- Freeport, Nassau, Half moon cay


Event Planner:

Me! I planed out every last detail.

Baker :

Maxine Caiser (the oral higinest at my dentist office haha).


My amazing mother in law and sisters in law

Bride's Fashion:

Dress by Morie Lee, hair and makeup by my sister and me, shoes Jessica Simpson with my personal touch of toe bling.

Groom's Fashion:

Fifth Ave Tux Layton Utah


I made all of the fabric flowers and wine bottle vases, picked up roses from Harmon's grocery in ogden Utah and my mom and second cousin arranged them beautifully.

Musician or DJ:

Joe Peterson from Ogden, Utah.   An amazing voice with acustic guitar and my i pod


Nate Herrmann -he was with me when I met by husband at the sand dunes.


Fred Meyer "for all those special times"

Is there anyone else that you would like to give credit? Please list here::

My photographer Brian Smyer!  He is the best I have seen!  He shot multiple weddings for my friends and captures EVERY special, funny, romantic, and priceless moment. When the big day is over what do you have? Your pictures so you might as well have the best photographer you can find!

My parents and new in laws for the financial help and my maid of honor for all the hard work she did.

Bell printing (Dean Hillan) for amazing invitations.







Angela Jones
Brian, you are the best. I am so glad you captured so many special moments that I would have never remembered. What a day!!!! Thanks again!
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