Chef's Autumn Harvest Dinner at Grand America

October 24, 2014  •  1 Comment

Wow!  This is not a dinner I will soon forget.  I really can't think of a way to write this without sounding like I'm bragging so I'm just going to brag about how cool this was.  With a backstage kitchen pass and a camera I was in heaven.  What a privilege watching this masterpiece unfold.  My hat is off to the culinary team at the Grand America.  What you do simply amazes me.  

Autumn Harvest-9463Autumn Harvest-9463
Autumn Harvest-9485Autumn Harvest-9485
Autumn Harvest-9480Autumn Harvest-9480 Autumn Harvest-9490Autumn Harvest-9490
Autumn Harvest-9515Autumn Harvest-9515
Autumn Harvest-9602Autumn Harvest-9602
Autumn Harvest-9519Autumn Harvest-9519 Autumn Harvest-9527Autumn Harvest-9527
Autumn Harvest-9520Autumn Harvest-9520
Autumn Harvest-9525Autumn Harvest-9525
Autumn Harvest-9542Autumn Harvest-9542 Autumn Harvest-9553Autumn Harvest-9553
Autumn Harvest-9601Autumn Harvest-9601
Autumn Harvest-9547Autumn Harvest-9547
Autumn Harvest-9570Autumn Harvest-9570
Autumn Harvest-9598Autumn Harvest-9598
Autumn Harvest-9640Autumn Harvest-9640 Autumn Harvest-9625Autumn Harvest-9625
Autumn Harvest-9654Autumn Harvest-9654
Autumn Harvest-9656Autumn Harvest-9656
Autumn Harvest-9663Autumn Harvest-9663
Autumn Harvest-9670Autumn Harvest-9670
Autumn Harvest-9607Autumn Harvest-9607
Autumn Harvest-9650Autumn Harvest-9650 Autumn Harvest-9563Autumn Harvest-9563

Autumn Harvest-9672Autumn Harvest-9672


Nate Rules(non-registered)
Definitely a night to remember GREAT FOOD and GREAT SERVICE highly recommend.
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