Family pictures in the wildflowers of Albion Basin

July 28, 2014  •  1 Comment

What perfect timing to be in Little Cottonwood canyon.  The wildflowers are unbelievable!  I had a family session starting at 7 am and decided to go up for the sunrise.  I can't think of a better way to get warmed up.  As if that weren't good enough, I had the pleasure of shooting this awesome couple in all this beauty.  

Wildflowers of Albion Basin, UtahWildflowers of Albion Basin, UtahI painted light on the wildflowers during a long exposure bring them to life.
Emily and Ken-4506Emily and Ken-4506
Emily and Ken-1172Emily and Ken-1172
Emily and Ken-1176Emily and Ken-1176
Emily and Ken-1175Emily and Ken-1175  
Emily and Ken-1178Emily and Ken-1178
Emily and Ken-1186Emily and Ken-1186
Emily and Ken-1289Emily and Ken-1289
Emily and Ken-4527Emily and Ken-4527 Emily and Ken-8299Emily and Ken-8299
Emily and Ken-4558Emily and Ken-4558  
Emily and Ken-8586Emily and Ken-8586 baby yellow bellied marmotbaby yellow bellied marmot
Emily and Ken-4573Emily and Ken-4573 Emily and Ken-4600Emily and Ken-4600
Emily and Ken-4579Emily and Ken-4579 Emily and Ken-4602Emily and Ken-4602
Emily and Ken-4622Emily and Ken-4622 Emily and Ken-4637Emily and Ken-4637
Emily and Ken-8357Emily and Ken-8357 Emily and Ken-8382Emily and Ken-8382
Emily and Ken-8390Emily and Ken-8390 Emily and Ken-8347Emily and Ken-8347
Emily and Ken-4558bEmily and Ken-4558b
Emily and Ken-8386Emily and Ken-8386
Emily and Ken-8418Emily and Ken-8418 Emily and Ken-8676Emily and Ken-8676
Emily and Ken-8543Emily and Ken-8543 Emily and Ken-8548Emily and Ken-8548
Emily and Ken-8497Emily and Ken-8497 Emily and Ken-8537Emily and Ken-8537
Emily and Ken-4532Emily and Ken-4532 Emily and Ken-4546Emily and Ken-4546
Emily and Ken-8699Emily and Ken-8699 Emily and Ken-8668Emily and Ken-8668
Emily and Ken-8725Emily and Ken-8725




Amazing location! How did you get to this spot?
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