Off camera flash hack- leave your light stands at home.

July 16, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I love having portable off camera flashes but sometimes the light stands are just too bulky and awkward to strap on your backpack.   As I was preparing for a mountain shoot that required me to pedal up the mountain I thought I would really test out the "Jaws" flex clamp from GoPro.  I knew I was going to need some extra flash power to compensate for the harsh lighting and there was no way I was packing light stands.  The idea was to clamp my off camera flashes to trees instead of stands.  I made a temporary mount shoe-gopro using a zip tie, an 8mm bolt and gaffer tape.  Now that I know this works I will work on a more permanent mount.  This is a great lightweight, pack friendly solution.  I would note that with a Nikon sb900 and Pocket Wizzard attached it gets a little flimsy but it's a little flimsy on a light stand too.  

This will support itself right side up on the right branch. I actually shot with it right side up but didn't take pictures of it set up. Mountain biking at Snowbird-0821Mountain biking at Snowbird-0821

Looking at the final pictures you wouldn't even know the light was so dynamically challenged.
Mountain biking at Snowbird-0642Without off camera flashes. I hate blown out sky/background. Mountain biking at Snowbird-0645Much better with some extra fire power.
Mountain biking at Snowbird-0655Mountain biking at Snowbird-0655 Mountain biking at Snowbird-0549Mountain biking at Snowbird-0549
Mountain biking at Snowbird-0656Mountain biking at Snowbird-0656 Mountain biking at Snowbird-0663Mountain biking at Snowbird-0663
Mountain biking at Snowbird-0640Mountain biking at Snowbird-0640
Mountain biking at Snowbird-0658Mountain biking at Snowbird-0658
Mountain biking at Snowbird-0551Mountain biking at Snowbird-0551 I only had one flex clamp. The shadow on the riders arm could have been eliminated if this flash was in a tree instead of on the ground. Mountain biking at Snowbird-0664Mountain biking at Snowbird-0664

Mountain biking at Snowbird-0660Mountain biking at Snowbird-0660


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