Jordan + Lauren | Louland Falls Wedding

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Louland Falls Wedding-14Louland Falls Wedding-14

Lauren, what was your biggest fear and how did it play out?

 Rain.  I feared it would rain and ruin all of our plans.  And it did rain that day, almost all day.  It cleared up before the ceremony and allowed us to have our ceremony outside as planned.  In the middle of the ceremony, I can remember the exact words our officiant was saying as I felt the sun break through the clouds and shine on us.  Little did I know that it caused a rainbow to form over our ceremony.  At the end of it, in all of our overwhelming joy - our photographer took our photo & then told us to look behind us and that's when we saw the rainbow.  Unbelievable!  It truly felt like a gift from our loved ones above.
The rain did come back afterwards and so a lot of people ended up eating under umbrellas or inside.  It did change our plans but it then forced everyone to get together inside, party & dance!  The rain created quite a memorable affair for us all!  After all that worrying, I am grateful that it rained!
Louland Falls Wedding-84Louland Falls Wedding-84


Louland Falls Wedding-7Louland Falls Wedding-7 Louland Falls Wedding-9Louland Falls Wedding-9
Louland Falls Wedding-5Louland Falls Wedding-5 Louland Falls Wedding-6Louland Falls Wedding-6
How did you meet?
We met at The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington state.  We had both traveled there to see Dave Matthews Band (our favorite band).  We met the first night there but we barely spoke and didn't exchange info.  A week later we met again while tailgating for another Dave Matthews Band concert in San Diego, CA (where I lived at the time).  We were both in the pit for the show and stood literally feet away both dancing the whole time on our own, to shy to make any moves but stealing glances at one another.  We at least managed to say more than a few words to one another this time & got enough info to connect again later.  It wasn't long after that for our long-distance romance to begin!
Louland Falls Wedding-1Louland Falls Wedding-1 Louland Falls Wedding-2Louland Falls Wedding-2 Louland Falls Wedding-3Louland Falls Wedding-3 Louland Falls Wedding-27Louland Falls Wedding-27 Louland Falls Wedding-10Louland Falls Wedding-10 Louland Falls Wedding-11Louland Falls Wedding-11
Louland Falls Wedding-12Louland Falls Wedding-12 Louland Falls Wedding-1-2Louland Falls Wedding-1-2
How did he propose?
We went back to The Gorge for another weekend of DMB a year after meeting there.  The views at the amphitheater are amazing so we were getting our photos taken together when he turned to me and told me how much he loved me. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!
Louland Falls Wedding-17Louland Falls Wedding-17
Louland Falls Wedding-18Louland Falls Wedding-18 Louland Falls Wedding-19Louland Falls Wedding-19
Louland Falls Wedding-20Louland Falls Wedding-20 Louland Falls Wedding-21Louland Falls Wedding-21
Louland Falls Wedding-16Louland Falls Wedding-16
Louland Falls Wedding-22Louland Falls Wedding-22 Louland Falls Wedding-23Louland Falls Wedding-23
Louland Falls Wedding-25Louland Falls Wedding-25 Louland Falls Wedding-26Louland Falls Wedding-26 Louland Falls Wedding-28Louland Falls Wedding-28 Louland Falls Wedding-29Louland Falls Wedding-29 Louland Falls Wedding-30Louland Falls Wedding-30 Louland Falls Wedding-31Louland Falls Wedding-31

What was your favorite part of the day?

I have so many wonderful memories from our day but I'd have to say our first look was my favorite part.  We did our first look before the ceremony.  I was a ball of stress and worry prior to it.  Once I saw him & vice-versa, my worries melted away.  In that moment, it felt like it was just us (never mind that there were 2 photographers there).  It was the best being able to see his gigantic smile and kiss and hug and have a few quiet moments together before the whirlwind ceremony & reception!
Louland Falls Wedding-33Louland Falls Wedding-33 Louland Falls Wedding-34Louland Falls Wedding-34 Louland Falls Wedding-35Louland Falls Wedding-35 Louland Falls Wedding-36Louland Falls Wedding-36 Louland Falls Wedding-37Louland Falls Wedding-37 Louland Falls Wedding-38Louland Falls Wedding-38 Louland Falls Wedding-40Louland Falls Wedding-40 Louland Falls Wedding-39Louland Falls Wedding-39 Louland Falls Wedding-41Louland Falls Wedding-41 Louland Falls Wedding-42Louland Falls Wedding-42 Louland Falls Wedding-43Louland Falls Wedding-43 Louland Falls Wedding-44Louland Falls Wedding-44 Louland Falls Wedding-45Louland Falls Wedding-45
Louland Falls Wedding-46Louland Falls Wedding-46 Louland Falls Wedding-47Louland Falls Wedding-47


Louland Falls Wedding-51Louland Falls Wedding-51 Louland Falls Wedding-52Louland Falls Wedding-52 Louland Falls Wedding-56Louland Falls Wedding-56
Louland Falls Wedding-58Louland Falls Wedding-58 Louland Falls Wedding-57Louland Falls Wedding-57
Louland Falls Wedding-62Louland Falls Wedding-62 Louland Falls Wedding-64Louland Falls Wedding-64

Louland Falls Wedding-66Louland Falls Wedding-66 Louland Falls Wedding-67Louland Falls Wedding-67 Louland Falls Wedding-68Louland Falls Wedding-68 Louland Falls Wedding-69Louland Falls Wedding-69 Louland Falls Wedding-70Louland Falls Wedding-70 Louland Falls Wedding-71Louland Falls Wedding-71 Louland Falls Wedding-72Louland Falls Wedding-72 Louland Falls Wedding-73Louland Falls Wedding-73 Louland Falls Wedding-74Louland Falls Wedding-74 Louland Falls Wedding-75Louland Falls Wedding-75 Louland Falls Wedding-76Louland Falls Wedding-76 Louland Falls Wedding-77Louland Falls Wedding-77 Louland Falls Wedding-78Louland Falls Wedding-78 Louland Falls Wedding-79Louland Falls Wedding-79 Louland Falls Wedding-80Louland Falls Wedding-80 Louland Falls Wedding-81Louland Falls Wedding-81 Louland Falls Wedding-82Louland Falls Wedding-82 Louland Falls Wedding-83Louland Falls Wedding-83 Louland Falls Wedding-84Louland Falls Wedding-84 Louland Falls Wedding-85Louland Falls Wedding-85 Louland Falls Wedding-86Louland Falls Wedding-86

Is there anything you would do different or do you have advise for someone planning a wedding?  

Hm, I'm not sure if I would do anything differently.  I think it's important to remember that throughout the planning that the wedding is not "all about you."  We thought of our wedding as a celebration of us but also of all those who have loved and supported us throughout our lives. So, we really wanted it to be as much of a day for them as it was for us. For all they've given us over the years, it was very important to give our loved ones the most wonderful & memorable evening that we could give.

Louland Falls Wedding-53Louland Falls Wedding-53 Louland Falls Wedding-54Louland Falls Wedding-54 Louland Falls Wedding-89Louland Falls Wedding-89 Louland Falls Wedding-91Louland Falls Wedding-91 Louland Falls Wedding-92Louland Falls Wedding-92 Louland Falls Wedding-93Louland Falls Wedding-93

Louland Falls Wedding-88Louland Falls Wedding-88 Louland Falls Wedding-90Louland Falls Wedding-90
Louland Falls Wedding-95Louland Falls Wedding-95 Louland Falls Wedding-98Louland Falls Wedding-98 Louland Falls Wedding-96Louland Falls Wedding-96 Louland Falls Wedding-94Louland Falls Wedding-94

Louland Falls Wedding-97Louland Falls Wedding-97 Louland Falls Wedding-100Louland Falls Wedding-100 Louland Falls Wedding-101Louland Falls Wedding-101 Louland Falls Wedding-102Louland Falls Wedding-102 Louland Falls Wedding-103Louland Falls Wedding-103

Louland Falls Wedding-104Louland Falls Wedding-104 Louland Falls Wedding-106Louland Falls Wedding-106 Louland Falls Wedding-105Louland Falls Wedding-105 Louland Falls Wedding-107Louland Falls Wedding-107

Louland Falls Wedding-109Louland Falls Wedding-109 Louland Falls Wedding-111Louland Falls Wedding-111

Louland Falls Wedding-112Louland Falls Wedding-112 Louland Falls Wedding-110Louland Falls Wedding-110 Louland Falls Wedding-113Louland Falls Wedding-113

Venue: Louland Falls

Catering: Cosmopolitan Catering

Floral: Brown Floral

Cake: Granite Bakery

Live Music: The Joe Muscolino Band

Wedding Gown:  Fantasy Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Heather Donahue at Lunatic Fringe

Bride's Shoes: ModCloth

Photographers: Brian Smyer and Jason Simpson







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