A day at the Utah State Firefighters Museum with a retired Fire Chief Robert Webster.

April 06, 2015  •  1 Comment

Today I met up with retired Fire Chief Robert Webster for a stroll down memory lane.  I was privy to some pretty cool fire fighting stories that's for sure.  We got to check out the Ford fire truck he drove from Oklahoma City to Riverton, Utah.  Robert said he was sure he could still get water out of that truck today!  It was so cool to experience this awesome machine with someone who knew it well.  He showed me a scratch in the rear quarter panel that came with a story about a young fireman and a garage door.  How cool is that scratch now?  Robert was very grateful that so many great pieces of history are being kept alive in the Utah State Firefighters Museum.  

Robert Webster (Fire Chief)Robert Webster (Fire Chief)Riverton Fire Station, Utah Bob Webster-4656Bob Webster-4656
Bob Webster-4658Bob Webster-4658 Bob Webster-8740Bob Webster-8740


Robert showed me the breathing apparatus he started with.  He said "If you ever ran out of air you'd better shove this canister up under your arm because that's the only way you will be able to breathe."  On one of the newer versions he showed me how a bell would ding when you were almost out of air.  I bet that was one scary sounding bell.  


Bob Webster-4673Bob Webster-4673



Janae Barron(non-registered)
I am so touched by your talent and ability to capture Fire Chief Robert Webster's love for life. I had the privilege of living a few streets down from Bob and Vicki. I was wanting to teach my daughter (who was too little to remember him) about the man our fire station is named after. I had no idea that I would stumble upon your work. Thank you for capturing this piece of history with photographs of this great community hero!
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