3 tips to make your wedding first look a success.

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3 tips to make your wedding first look a success.

First Look at SnowbasinFirst Look at SnowbasinFirst look kiss at Snowbasin 1. Hire a professional photographer and get to know them a little before the big day.  I feel like my wedding photography is the result of great teamwork and communication.  Plan on at least one face to face meeting with your photographer not just to game plan but so you feel comfortable sharing such an intimate moment with them.

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2.  Seek solitude.  This moment is just for the couple.  Trust me, if you have followed the first tip, the pictures will be worth excluding the family for 15 minutes.  


First Look Blake and Shauna-4040First Look Blake and Shauna-4040 First Look Blake and Shauna-6240First Look Blake and Shauna-6240

First Look Blake and Shauna-4077First Look Blake and Shauna-4077

3. Do it your way.  A hand written note is a great way to personalize your moment.  Don't have time for the first look on your wedding day?  Do it in advance, it's a great dress rehearsal.  

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