Family Photos in the Mountains with Fall Colors and a Rainbow

October 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One might think the last thing they want on family pictures in the mountains day is rain.  Well, that's what we got and it was spectacular!  We got to experience a brief mountain rain storm and basked in the magic light it produced.  I love family photo sessions in the mountains, they feel like a mini adventure.  This session was no exception.  

Peterson 2016-2433Peterson 2016-2433
Peterson 2016-2468Peterson 2016-2468
Peterson 2016-2514Peterson 2016-2514
Peterson 2016-2518Peterson 2016-2518
Peterson 2016-2690Peterson 2016-2690
Peterson 2016-2639Peterson 2016-2639
Peterson 2016-2293Peterson 2016-2293 Peterson 2016-2588Peterson 2016-2588
Peterson 2016-2237Peterson 2016-2237 Peterson 2016-2131Peterson 2016-2131
Peterson 2016-2832Peterson 2016-2832
Peterson 2016-2840Peterson 2016-2840
Peterson 2016-2910Peterson 2016-2910
Peterson 2016-2879Peterson 2016-2879 Peterson 2016-2903Peterson 2016-2903
Peterson 2016-2904Peterson 2016-2904
Peterson 2016-2371Peterson 2016-2371
Peterson 2016-3023Peterson 2016-3023 Peterson 2016-3116Peterson 2016-3116
Peterson 2016-3152Peterson 2016-3152 Peterson 2016-3212Peterson 2016-3212
Peterson 2016-3232Peterson 2016-3232
Peterson 2016-3264Peterson 2016-3264
Peterson 2016-3309Peterson 2016-3309
Peterson 2016-3448Peterson 2016-3448 Peterson 2016-3451Peterson 2016-3451
Peterson 2016-3416Peterson 2016-3416
Peterson 2016-3383Peterson 2016-3383
Peterson 2016-3545Peterson 2016-3545 Peterson 2016-3614Peterson 2016-3614
Peterson 2016-3647Peterson 2016-3647
Peterson 2016-3635Peterson 2016-3635



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