Have you played pickleball? Erich Schuette PTSD Memorial Pro/Am pickleball tournament

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Have you played pickleball

Erich Schuette PTSD Memorial 20181081Erich Schuette PTSD Memorial 20181081 I met Jeff Donovan as he was teaching healing veterans a game that was obviously close to his heart.  Jeff lost his friend and pickleball teammate to suicide after suffering from PTSD.  Jeff now organizes The Erich Schuette PTSD Memorial Pro Am Tournament that raises money and awareness for PTSD.  Proceeds from this event are being donated to Continue Mission

Thank you Leslie Zimmerman (2nd photographer)!  It's not often my 2nd photographer is also the keynote speaker.

If you would like to join us and donate to Continue Mission please click here.  www.continuemission.org

To see the entire gallery from the event please click here.  Pickleball Pro Am

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