Celebrating the 4th of July with Continue Mission

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 Hi friends,

I've been fortunate to be able to document Continue Mission's journey from it's inception.  I can't help but think of them on this July 4th.  Our veterans and their families know the true meaning of sacrifice.  It's good to know that there are people who care so much and I'm grateful to be able to witness the healing that has come with the CM community.  They inspire me to be great all year long and I think they can do the same for you.

Below you will find photos from a few of Continue Mission's recent events for veterans and their support members.   I'm only posting from summer but they have events and activities all year round.  Continue mission has a 100% volunteer staff and over 90% of funding goes directly to veterans with service connected injuries. If you are feeling patriotic or just want to make a difference, please visit www.continuemission.org and think about making a donation.  Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy and be safe!



p.s.  I'm skiing at Snowbird this 4th of July morning.  If you are too, please find me for a 4th of July photo!

Family night at the Clark Planetarium
4-23-19_DSC35164-23-19_DSC3516 4-23-19_DSC35424-23-19_DSC3542
4-23-19_DSC35444-23-19_DSC3544 4-23-19_DSC35764-23-19_DSC3576
4-23-19_DSC36484-23-19_DSC3648 4-23-19_DSC36494-23-19_DSC3649
Hope on the Hill
5-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC45805-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC4580 5-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC47025-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC4702
5-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC47425-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC4742 5-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC47975-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC4797
5-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC50625-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC5062 5-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC51275-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC5127
5-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC52025-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC5202 5-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC52535-4-19 Hope on the Hill_DSC5253
Family night at the Aquarium
_DSC5318_DSC5318 _DSC5320_DSC5320
_DSC5344_DSC5344 _DSC5491_DSC5491
_DSC5514_DSC5514 _DSC5578_DSC5578
_DSC5607_DSC5607 _DSC5619_DSC5619
_DSC5628_DSC5628 _DSC5760_DSC5760
_DSC5896_DSC5896 _DSC5925_DSC5925
_DSC5934_DSC5934 _DSC5970_DSC5970
Pickleball at Hogan Park 5-24-19_DSC6181Pickleball at Hogan Park 5-24-19_DSC6181 Pickleball at Hogan Park 5-24-19_DSC6162Pickleball at Hogan Park 5-24-19_DSC6162
Pickleball at Hogan Park 5-24-19_DSC6239Pickleball at Hogan Park 5-24-19_DSC6239 Pickleball at Hogan Park 5-24-19_DSC6253Pickleball at Hogan Park 5-24-19_DSC6253
Volleyball 6-3-19_DSC8876Volleyball 6-3-19_DSC8876 Volleyball 6-3-19_DSC8892Volleyball 6-3-19_DSC8892
Volleyball 6-3-19_DSC8898Volleyball 6-3-19_DSC8898 Volleyball 6-3-19_DSC8928Volleyball 6-3-19_DSC8928
Trail Running
5-24-17 trail run-87885-24-17 trail run-8788 5-24-17 trail run-89185-24-17 trail run-8918
8-9-17-85448-9-17-8544 8-9-17-86948-9-17-8694
9-13-17-20589-13-17-2058 9-13-17-20689-13-17-2068
_DSC4652_DSC4652 _DSC4503_DSC4503
_DSC4536_DSC4536 _DSC4741_DSC4741
Paddle boarding
5-31-18-52105-31-18-5210 5-31-18-52425-31-18-5242
5-31-18-52925-31-18-5292 5-31-18-54645-31-18-5464
Disc Golf
7-19-188167-19-18816 7-19-189847-19-18984
Mountain Biking
5-9-17-49855-9-17-4985 5-9-17-53505-9-17-5350
5-9-17-54125-9-17-5412 5-9-17-57645-9-17-5764



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