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This week I'm proud to showcase a wedding venue that is close to my heart.  I've had not just one but several perfect days both professionally and personally at Snowbasin Resort.  I've had the opportunity to photograph several weddings and work with Snowbasin's marketing department.  I also volunteer with Continue Mission and Ogden Valley Adaptive Sports during the ski season at Snowbasin.  It's safe to say that I've had some of the best days at my life at Snowbasin.  If that's not enough of a testimonial just browse through some of the photos below.  It's easy to see the attention to detail and the personal service that's provided to guests at Snowbasin. 


Please allow me to introduce you to the fantastic wedding team at Snowbasin.  This is Kimberly, Carrie and Emma. 

They are easy to work with and good at what they do!

 Call (801) 620-1075 or email [email protected]

Snowbasin Sales Team_DSC0284Snowbasin Sales Team_DSC0284 Snowbasin Sales Team_DSC0384Snowbasin Sales Team_DSC0384 Snowbasin Sales Team_DSC0006Snowbasin Sales Team_DSC0006


Snowbasin Wedding-4351Snowbasin Wedding-4351
Needles ceremony set upsNeedles ceremony set ups
needles ceremony Samanthaneedles ceremony Samantha
needles ceremony Blakeneedles ceremony Blake
Earl's lodgeEarl's lodge
Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC1890Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC1890


Glenn and Jenna wedding day 12-30-16-1661Glenn and Jenna wedding day 12-30-16-1661 Glenn and Jenna wedding day 12-30-16-3142Glenn and Jenna wedding day 12-30-16-3142
Snowbasin Wedding-9902Snowbasin Wedding-9902 Snowbasin Wedding-9987Snowbasin Wedding-9987
Glenn and Jenna wedding day 12-30-16-2308Glenn and Jenna wedding day 12-30-16-2308 Snowbasin Apres-8378Snowbasin Apres-8378
Joseph and Katherine's Wedding at Snowbasin_DSC0499Joseph and Katherine's Wedding at Snowbasin_DSC0499 Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC2810Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC2810
Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC2563Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC2563 Joseph and Katherine's Wedding at Snowbasin_DSC2682Joseph and Katherine's Wedding at Snowbasin_DSC2682
Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC1679Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC1679 Joseph and Katherine's Wedding at Snowbasin_DSC3409Joseph and Katherine's Wedding at Snowbasin_DSC3409
Groom and groomsmen getting ready in the mirror at SnowbasinGroom and groomsmen getting ready in the mirror at Snowbasin Pet dog is the ring bearer at this weddingPet dog is the ring bearer at this wedding
Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC2737Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC2737 Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC1869Needles Wedding 3-23-19_DSC1869


Glenn and Jenna wedding day 12-30-16-1965Glenn and Jenna wedding day 12-30-16-1965

I just can't do a blog post about Snowbasin without some on mountain action shots. Here a few of my favorites.

Snowbasin Apres-8589Snowbasin Apres-8589 Family Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-7126Family Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-7126
Family Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-7587-2Family Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-7587-2 Family Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-7614-2Family Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-7614-2
Family Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-7862vFamily Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-7862v Family Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-8254Family Ski at Snowbasin 4-5-17-8254
Mountain Biking 8470Mountain Biking 8470 Mountain Biking 8629Mountain Biking 8629
2-27-18 (564 of 707)2-27-18 (564 of 707)
2-13-18 (527 of 789)2-13-18 (527 of 789) OVAS Demo Day at Snowbasin 3-9-19_DSC5083OVAS Demo Day at Snowbasin 3-9-19_DSC5083
Ladies Lesson Shoot (1264 of 1679)Ladies Lesson Shoot (1264 of 1679) Cm Skiing Snowbasin 3-4-19_DSC3288Cm Skiing Snowbasin 3-4-19_DSC3288

3-31-16 Snowbasin Ski-66503-31-16 Snowbasin Ski-6650


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