Sometimes only the best will do.


Online Proofing

I edit every picture to be magazine ready, however, people really do have different taste.  Online proofing is a great tool for me to get to know your style.    Maybe uncle Bob photo bombed a perfect picture of you and you can't stand uncle Bob.  You get the chance to suggest an edit before your pictures are finished, bye uncle Bob.  I want every picture to be perfect.  Together we can make that happen.

How to proof your images


Let me do the work for you!   I personaly review every order before it is processed.  The professional photo labs I use have provided me with some outstanding prints and products.  I wouldn't offer printing if I didn't think it would impress you.  My screens are synched with the labs and ready provide you with only the best!  I want your prints to look as close to my screen as possible.


How to buy prints and products