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Created 27-Apr-16
36 photos

Mountain biking at Snowbird-0660Dave and Smokey-8570Smokey hitting the pow at Snowbird2-23-15-8826Rachel at Snowbird-6574Mid-6-2-15-1227Mid-6-2-15-1387Mid-6-2-15-1491Mid-6-2-15-18567-8-15-8599MTB Solitude 7-21 15 Continue Mission-3763MTB Solitude 7-21 15 Continue Mission-9573MTB Solitude 7-21 15 Continue Mission-9646MTB Solitude 7-21 15 Continue Mission-9684Hart skis at PC-627612-18-15 at Snowbasin-516212-18-15 at Snowbasin-5267Big Pow Day Phil at Brighton-6149Pow day-7622Pow day-7648

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