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Created 10-May-17
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Lots of different backgrounds to choose from and they are all in one park. Great for kids! Plenty of grass to run around on. This is also a great place for large groups. Dogs allowed on leash. Their website says they are open May !st through Sept. 30th.
Dog takes picture of owners doing a dipDog taking pictuescouple share a moment under a rainbow10-19-2014-150810-19-2014-171810-19-2014-1892Dimond's at the International Peace Gardens_DSC4148Dimond's at the International Peace Gardens_DSC4351Dimond's at the International Peace Gardens_DSC4865Petersenl_DSC4265Petersenl_DSC4449Petersenl_DSC4793Petersenl_DSC4920Hansen 7-20-20209850Hansen 7-20-202010061Aspen Perkins 2020l_DSC2007Aspen Perkins 2020l_DSC2085

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