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Mardie and Mona-0797Mardie and Mona-0888Mardie and Mona-1027Rick and Stephanie in Albion Basin-2313Harleys in the Mud-6172Rustic Romantic Shadow Kissuntitled-8513untitled-8555-Edit-2untitled-8662-EditJoe and Jana-1815Joe and Jana-2966Joe and Jana-3009Ziggy Jay and Kristin-1280Ziggy Jay and Kristin-1774Glenn and Jenna Engagement-8374Glenn and Jenna Engagement-8116Rob and Brenda at Red Butte Garden-0130Rob and Brenda at Red Butte Garden-0673Rob and Brenda at Red Butte Garden-0741Hun and Minhee in Big Cottonwood Canyon-0519